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Enjoy Free Shipping on an array of products that we can double box and...

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We consider furniture to be a form of art and artistic design, collected and...

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We have a great selection of gold, silver and hi end signed costume jewelry....

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Set the mood of an interior space with illumination. Whether you are looking for...

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Enlarge and brighten your interior with mirrors. Mantle, bathroom, tabletop or full-length, you’ll find awesome...

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Everybody loves a best friend! We specialize in carrying pairs in all categories, from...

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We specialize in hand-knotted Persian rugs in all colors and sizes, already worn in,...

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Enjoy 30% off at check-out on Sale items

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We have no doubt Goldilocks would find just the right seat at Rē! Our...

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Different spaces require different tables, and at Rē, every style table imaginable come through our...

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Whatever your style; beautiful & bold, elegant & extravagant, rustic & simple, artisanal &...

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Finding the unexpected is possible.

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Virtual Estate Sale!

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We are now pre-selling estates on our website!! This way you get first dibs...

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Virtual Trunk Show

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Showcasing brands that we love and supporting other small businesses! The Cass Clutch is...

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