Antiques for All!

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Antiques for All!

One thing I have learned from spending time in an antique store is that antique lovers come in all ages, shapes and sizes, from various backgrounds and with different personalities.  I intended to write this blog about “millennials” and their relationship with vintage or repurposed decor.  I have often read and heard that people in the 20-40 age range do not want their parents’ furniture, that they are decorating their apartments and homes with new pieces. But as I delved into my research I realized that sometimes this is true… and sometimes it isn’t.  I also realized that this behavior also sometimes rings true for people in their 40’s-80s! 


Why do we always feel the need to label groups of people? Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers are really just different ways of describing how old someone is, and even that leaves room for discussion.  I realize that social, economic and environmental events have an effect on the habits of the generations, but we are discrediting the general population by predicting their personalities simply by the year in which they were born. I was reminded of my college days and the Greek system and how each fraternity or sorority, whether it meant to be or not, was labeled in some way… preppy, athletic, or what would classify today as the campus dispensary. It seemed like another unnecessary form of segregation, and so does categorizing the way people live their lives by their birth date!


When it comes to an affinity for antiques, let’s keep an open mind.  Generations aside, people enjoy filling their living spaces with pieces that they love and that make them feel comfortable, but that also fit their financial budget. Buying previously owned decor, no matter its age, is also good for the environment.  People of all ages revel in finding a unique treasure, a conversation piece, something they won’t see at 5 of their friends’ homes. So let’s demo the walls of separation and assume that even if  you were born in 1980, or any other year for that matter, you can still be a fan of vintage pieces, even if you don’t believe it yourself!


There are many reasons why people gravitate toward buying antique and second hand pieces, which I will get into in future blogs.  By visiting these ideas, I hope to reinforce the joys and benefits of this past time (or as some call it, obsession!) for current antique lovers, while inspiring them to consider new ways of incorporating vintage pieces into their living spaces. For the hesitant antiquer my hope is that you will consider new horizons. Finding a unique piece with some interesting history does not have to mean spending hours scouring antique stores, or breaking the bank, and it does not have to include shopping for a piece that looks and smells like something that has been hiding in your grandmother’s attic for 60 years, unless you want it to! Start by mixing a vintage piece or two with the new, perhaps an interesting painting or a beautiful plate. See how it feels!


So forget your age, or what your generation is called. Don’t let labels limit the way you live your life or the way you furnish your home.  If time, money, or just being stuck in your ways is an issue, try thinking outside of the box.  Stay tuned to explore the beneficial and creative impact that antique and vintage pieces can have on you and the world!


I love this picture that my niece sent me of a 20-something gathering that highlights the beautiful vintage dishes juxtaposed with the cell phones.  Generations in harmony!


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