Rē Superlatives: Meet the Rest of the Team

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Keeping a business running smoothly requires a team of employees that work cooperatively and with enthusiasm for a common cause.  The employees at Rē each contribute something unique and valuable to our working environment. 


Remember your high school yearbook?  Do you recall where you landed on the superlative page?  Maybe you were voted something really cool by your peers, like “most likely to start a band” or “most likely to win a Nobel Prize” or maybe you were awarded something more awkward like “most likely to sleep through an earthquake” or “most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket”. Just when my coworkers at Rē thought these silly, useless and sometimes embarrassing titles were way behind them, I decided to have some fun and bring them back, as a way to introduce the rest of the Rē family.



Most likely to publish a “Book of Procedures”
Without Maureen the Rē train would literally careen off the tracks.  She has been with Rē for 6 years and comes to us from a corporate background.  She is the rock that acts as our foundation and the glue that holds us together.  Her expertise allowed for a store expansion a couple of years ago so that we now reside in two locations and are able to accommodate a larger inventory.  Maureen is organized, efficient, and tells it like it is!  She has eye on all the inner runnings of the business and makes sure that they don’t stop running or even slow to a jog!  Maureen has a protocol for every aspect of the business and ensures that they are followed.  To help new members of the team, and to keep everyone on the same page, she created a document outlining every retail scenario and instructions to guide them.  She is completely dedicated to the success of the business, always available to answer questions and problem solve.  She helps to keep all in line but also cares deeply about her peers, always interested to share in our personal lives and happy to cover when someone has a family emergency. 



Most likely to win the “Insta Grammy Award”

Sara started working at Rē over a year ago. She has a bright smile, blue eyes that actually sparkle, and an infectious energy.  In addition to her positive “let’s do this” attitude, she brings a sense of design and a knack for marketing from her 10 years in the fashion industry in New York City.  Thanks to Sara, our social media presence has exploded! On a daily basis, she keeps our Facebook and Instagram pages current with our ever-changing inventory. Customers come into the store and tell us how much they love scrolling through the Rē Instagram posts each morning while sipping their coffee.  And people who can’t get to the store due to distance can now enjoy shopping with us because Sara allows for easy online ordering and ensures that purchased items are shipped off quickly and safely. Sara also organizes our in-store events, such as trunk shows, costumer appreciation days, and music events. When she’s not doing all of THAT, Sarah is a design diva, creating amazing vignettes and making space for new merchandise. Despite her small stature Sara can lift large and heavy furniture, for which I endearingly compare her to an ant.          



Most likely to be cast as Julie McCoy in the remake of “The Love Boat”

You can’t enter the store without Sophie finding you and offering a warm welcome!  She wins the prize for the most enthusiastic greeter. She is friendly and engaging with customers, always helping them find a special item or making sure they know that we have stores on both sides of the street to enjoy.  Sophie is very detail oriented.  She follows Maureen’s protocols to a T, and when she has a question she gets an answer.  Sophie also enjoys creating vignettes in the store, or as we call it at Rē…joojing. Inspiration from her environment or online research guides her to create eye-catching scenarios throughout the store that are arranged thoughtfully down to the smallest treasure. 



Most likely to make an infomercial for Howard Restor-A-Finish

That’s me.  It’s really much easier writing about other people but here goes… I have been at Rē over a year and LOVE being in the store!  Not only do I get to work with the four amazing women who are the Rē team, but I have met so many wonderful people through the store; customers, movers, dealers, designers, furniture restorers!  Coming from a teaching background, I really knew close to nothing about antiques, or running a store for that matter and have learned so much about both.  I am definitely a “people person” and love interacting with customers.  Listening to their stories, and helping them find treasures for their home is rewarding and so much fun. I have a quirky, and often sarcastic, sense of humor which didn’t always go over so well with first graders, but seems to be appreciated with most shoppers. Each day I come to the store, there is new inventory waiting to find it’s place on the floor so creating cool and cozy spaces in the shop is always exciting, and helps customers to envision pieces in their own homes . But I have two secret passions in the store.  One is hanging artwork (yes, I am responsible for most of the holes in the walls!) and the other is refreshing furniture with Howard Restor-A-Finish!  Seriously people, if you have any wood furniture in your home, you must purchase this product…trust me! 

The four of us, along with owner Heidi (see previous blog), have developed a successful harmony. We each bring something different to the table. We have a passion for the store and a genuine concern for each other.  Not only has the business been running smoothly, it is growing!  Our two locations allow for a larger inventory and more staff that collaborate to make sure our curated pieces are always sitting well and that we are reaching customers in Rhode Island, across the country and even internationally!  So if you are thinking of starting a business begin with a solid team of people who are motivated, cohesive, trustworthy and passionate about a common goal. A recipe for success!


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